Monday, August 20, 2012

Tips to Improve Written Communication

Many people fall into habit of using technical jargon that can be understood only by experts in same field.
In written communication, writers ignore the conclusion by discarding it from the report, or write in a too wordy manner with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and wrong sentence structure. 

In order to improve written communication, some of the tips to follow are:

·         Use simple words & phrases.
·         Use short & familiar words
·         Use personal pronouns (such as “you”) whenever appropriate.
·         Give illustrations & examples; use charts.
·         Use short sentences & paragraphs.
·         Use active verbs, as in “Manager plan…”
·         Avoid unnecessary words.

Managers have the absence of significant knowledge to make effective decisions.  They are mostly overloaded with too much of the information then is actually required. They should take into account, the following managerial tasks to be successful:
  • Managers should distinguish in selecting information.
  • What do I really need to know for my job?
  • What would happen if I did not get this information on regular basis?
  • Not maximum information but relevant information.
  • No universally applicable communication system; must be tailored to manger’s needs.

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