Friday, August 17, 2012

Communication Management : Introduction


As mentioned in my previous blog, communication management is one of the core areas of project management. 

Communication is a process in which one person or group transmits some type of information to another person or group. In terms of organizations, communication is a process through which things are got done. When a message is sent in a way that the receiver gets the message in as close meaning as it is in actual then communication is effective.


Communication in Organizations:

Communication plays a significant role in management as it deals with all the organization processes thus carrying on activities within the organization. The purpose is to have a certain degree of accuracy in making participants understand what is to be done. Communication within an organization enables information to flow faster and avoids having short stoppage on fast moving production lines which in turn can result in loss of output if not communicated effectively. It is the communication that fulfills the organizational needs of getting relevant information, the type of information required that can assist managers to make effective decisions and to get the information from all relevant departments.

Relationship of communication with the organizational goals is depicted below:

Elements of Communication:
Several elements of contribution collectively make it effective. They include the following:

·         Encoding
·         Perception& Interpretation
·         Nonverbal Communications
·         Communicator
·         Channel
·         Message
       Business authorities lay importance to communication.  Some of them express it as follows:

“There may be no single thing more important in our efforts to achieve meaningful work and fulfilling relationships than to learn and practice the art of communication.” [The Art of Leadership- Max De Pree, Author]

“Top executives from Fortune 500 companies rate communications skills as the most important quality for business leaders.” [New York Times - Business Section]

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