Sunday, August 19, 2012

Effective Organizational Communication

Organizational communication can be made effective by encouraging an environment of open communication. The communication should commit to ethics and proficiency should exist in communication technology. Dynamics of intercultural communication should be understood. Messages should be created and processed efficiently and an audience centred approach should be used while communicating.  

 Tips to Achieve Communication

·         Communicate a clear vision.
·         Focus attention on the customer.
·         Reinforce the vision by taking action.
·         Bring in competent skilled people.
·         Move information quickly.
·         Focus on the right things.
·         Check all organizational system.
·         Invite involvement.
  Ways to Improve Organizational Communication

·         Emphasis on teamwork
·         Improve management system
·         Change the organizational culture.
·         Improve reporting system
·         Focus on employees’ participation & involvement.
·         Flatter hierarchy.
·         Cross functional teams.
·         Fewer controls.

Types of Communicating in an Organization

       ·         External communication network.
       ·         Internal communication network.

Organizational Skills

In order to improve the effectiveness of communication for both the sender and receiver, following skills are required:
         ·         Follow up

         ·         Regulating information flow
         ·         Understanding richness different media.

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